Our Services

Te Kahui Atawhai offers a range of advice and services including:

Advice & Support

We have a wealth of experience with iwi Maori social service providers. We can provide advice around Governance issues, Policies and procedures, specific to Children, Young Persons, and Their Family approval section 403 and section 396. We can also offer accountancy and legal advice utilising reputable Maori accountants and lawyers when necessary. Practice advice for social workers and volunteers. We try to support all members and if we are unable to assist them we will find someone who can.

Advocating on Behalf of Members

We want to ensure Maori kaupapa and tikanga is considered and valued in government policy and legislation. Provide leadership at a national level representing all members.

Business Planning

Planning is crucial to ensuring efficiency is achieved and business needs are identified and maintained. We can provide an external business person to discuss the nature and viability of your business or business proposition.

Distribution of Social Service information

We would like to continue to be a strong effective advocate for iwi Maori providers nationally. We want to share opportunities, knowledge and collaborate with all our members. Your stories are important to us and others. If you have stories of people achieving amazing results in your work environment, we would love to promote these stories, “Success breeds Success”. To submit your stories contact us.

Influencing Crown Agents

We engage with politicians and work closely with senior public servants, policy writers and where appropriate speak into public debates in order to promote good policy and practice and/or to mitigate the impacts of ‘negative’ social policy. An example is the department of the Child, Youth and Family Iwi Care Forum 2011.

Networking and Capacity Building

Regional hui provide opportunities for members to meet other members that are working with whanau and to share their experiences and knowledge. Our hui offer a positive and energising environment to look at the MACRO scene of iwi Maori social services and have your say about what is happening for your organisation.

Networking is a powerful mechanism to ensure our members are informed and to share what we know is happening in the social service sector.

Capacity & Capability building

This can happen when you know how to measure where your organisation is at. We have resources that assist to determine your organisational weaknesses and strengths. Often the findings have been used by members to determine their development plans.

Please contact us if you want to know more about our Capacity and Capability Building Organisational Assessment tool. The process involves 9 key areas of your organisation being assessed by those working for you and governing you. This is very powerful information once the process is complete. We recommend this for organisations struggling with development plans and funding applications.

We are an approved MSD ISO Capability Mentor. For more information about how we can assist your organisation please contact us.

Policies and Procedure

We can assist with reviewing KOPPs documents and complying with approval standards under the Children, Young Persons, and Their Family Act 1989. We can review and formulate your policies and procedures to ensure your organisation is compliant with the Children, Young Persons, and Their Family Act 1989 specifically Section 396 and/or Section 403.

Provider Development

Organisational development needs to be planned. We have resources available to enable organisational Self Assessment. The findings from this assessment form development plans. This resource has been accessed by numerous Maori Providers since 2004.

Quality Management Systems

To enhance the KOPPs document, effective practice and methodologies are essential to your business. We have resources such as the Results Based Accountability Model to ensure your systems are effective and achieving measurable outcomes for those involved.

Strategic Planning

The ultimate goal of strategic planning is to be able to act effectively in a changing environment. Strategic planning requires clarity in seeing both the existing situation, and the future potential. It also requires the ability to clearly assess all possible impacts of a strategic decision. We offer facilitation in formatting your strategic planning.

Succession Planning

Crucial to all organisations is ensuring your future has sound plans and direction. We run workshops for groups requiring assistance in this area.


Currently we are working towards building our ability to provide a research service incorporating research expertise from within our members. From our findings it is not feasible to provide a research service. However we may be able to combine our collective knowledge to validate what is working. Where is your organisation in terms of research? If this is an area you are looking at please contact us.