If you are in need of Legal Support please read our Family Law list here who may be able to assist.

Family Lawyers to assist Whānau who need urgent legal assistance

FirmLawyerCell NumberEmail
Lance LawsonCarlo Hamon027 622 7567carlos@lancelawson.co.nz
Gina Oudyn
021 277 8626gina@lancelawson.co.nz
Kate Yarrall021 277 8627kate@lancelawson.co.nz
Chelsea Smith021 103 5890chelsea@lancelawson.co.nz
LMC LawMaryanne Crapp021 048 4591maryanne@lmclaw.co.nz
Te Kahui Manahi021 985 788tekahui@lmclaw.co.nz
Prue McGuire LawPrue McGuire027 249 7041prue@pruemcguirelaw.co.nz
The Law ShopStephanie Northey0800 LAW SHOP Stephanie@thelawshop.co.nz
Bridget Pereeti Law
Bridget Pereeti (DV & CoCA) 021 0240 4276 bridget@bplaw.co.nz
Owen Law Limited
Laura Owen027 289 5583laura@owenlaw.co.nz
Braithwaite Law
Tim Braithwaite 021 042 0681 tim@braithwaitelaw.co.nz
Swanson Legal Walter Swanson027 333 1005walter@swansonlegal.co.nz
Tompkins WakeGemma Benge021 755 156gemma.benge@tompkinswake.co.nz
Phillips and Co Law
Minka Bodde-Phillips021 646 066minka@phillipsandco.co.nz
Te Kopu Legal Tania Williams Blyth027 307 1328tania@tekopulegal.co.nz