The Government is very aware of the important role of volunteering in our community and the impacts on volunteering from the current COVID-19 restrictions. The COVID-19 National Crisis Management Centre (NCMC) is working to provide support for organisations that rely on volunteers to carry out critical social services and also to ensure that volunteers (and the clients they support) are kept safe at this time.

The NCMC has partnered with Volunteering New Zealand and its regional network of Volunteer Centres to co-ordinate matching volunteers with organisations that have need for volunteers. See the Volunteering New Zealand site here for details.

Continuing restrictions associated with COVID-19 Alert Levels are likely to limit the availability of existing volunteers – particularly older volunteers – for several months.  A number of initiatives are being considered to expand the pool of volunteers to fill this “gap”. To assist with this, better information is needed regarding potential Alert Level impacts including on funding. A short survey of organisations using volunteers is underway. Please take a few minutes to complete the survey here.

Under Alert Level 4 and 3 there are very significant restrictions on the way businesses and organisations can operate. Please see the guidelines for community organisations working with volunteers here and ensure that you operate in line with these guidelines.

General advice regarding volunteering in the COVID-19 environment is available on the main COVID-19 website here.